The tent sauna will start in early April!
Feel free to contact us for more information!
Ashinomaki-onsen Ashinomaki prince hotel
An entertainment ryokan where you can enjoy exercise, hot springs, and saunas

【Official】Ashinomaki prince hotel

Gentle and friendly hospitality Enjoying a non-daily life

You can feel free to enjoy kaiseki cuisine and hot springs that use plenty of local ingredients.
The staff boasts a friendly communication with customers!
Please enjoy the lively facility where the Aizu dialect flies.
※At present, we may simplify some customer service due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

We are implementing measures against the new coronavirus

  • About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

    This facility is taking the following measures against the new coronavirus.
    1. Temperature measurement when staff commute
    2. Wearing staff masks
    3. Disinfection of hands and installation of disinfectant
    4. Disinfection and ventilation when cleaning the room
    5. Social distance when eating and drinking
    6. We will ask you about the bathing time of the large communal bath at check-in.

    <Request to customers>
    We will measure the temperature at check-in, and if you have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher or have a cold, please refrain from staying at the hotel. Please measure the temperature before departure.If you feel unwell due to fever, cough, etc. during your stay at the hotel, please contact the front desk immediately.Please wear a mask when you come to the hotel.

Hospitality of Ashinomaki Prince Hotel

  • Chartered tent sauna begins! (Click here to make a reservation! )

    The tent sauna will start in early April.
    Can't you feel your mind and body?
    Save up to 1000 yen on SNS posts!
    Moreover, the usage time of 2 hours is reserved.
    You can enjoy the scent with aroma oil!
    Rental items are also substantial.
    Please contact us for details.

    Everyone, please come!
    <Click here to make a reservation! >
  • A relaxing ryokan with 35 rooms that can be enjoyed by families and groups

    At this facility, we make every effort to provide friendly hospitality so that families can stay without hesitation.

    Please spend a pleasant time with pleasant conversations with Nakai, seasonal events, and hearty dishes.

    Especially for families, it is very popular to spend time in the spacious lobby and rooms!
    It has been well received by group and group customers for its ease of use!
  • Pets go to hot springs together! This is a ryokan where your precious family will be very satisfied!

    This facility also has a pet room!
    You can choose from Western-style room, Japanese + Western-style room, Japanese-style room.

    Of course, we also have plan for dining with your important family in your room!
    Simple amenities are also available.
    There are various benefits, so please use it!


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Hotel Name

Aizu Ashinomaki Hot Springs Ashinomaki Prince Hotel


1050 Shitadaira, Ashinomaki, Oto Town, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
Transfer available(If you call from Ashinomaki-Onsen Station, you can pick up and drop off)

Free transfer from Aizu Railway Ashinomaki Hot Springs Station 8 minutes / 30 minutes by bus from JR Banetsu West Line Aizuwakamatsu Station / 30 minutes by car from Aizuwakamatsu IC

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Telephone reception, 8:00 to 21:00(7 days a week)