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Local cuisine of Aizu

It is a dish that uses the seasonal "season" luxuriously provided at Ashinomaki Prince Hotel.
Ingredients are purchased from the Aizu Suburbs of Aizu Suburbs and carefully cooked.
Please enjoy Aizu local cuisine with horse meat, river fish, seafood, and wild vegetables.
Japanese breakfast meal is served for breakfast.Please have a taste.
  • Dinner<Basic plan Kaiseki cuisine>

    The pride of this facility is its volume!
    We are waiting for our customers to prepare a lot of local ingredients in Aizu.
    We will provide warm items one by one at your own pace.
    Of course, local sake is also available! Please enjoy yourself.
  • Aizu basashi (horse-meat sashimi) kaiseki cuisine

    Aizu is famous for "Aizu basashi (horse-meat sashimi)"
    The sashimi of a horse, which is so beautiful that it is also called sashimi, is full of flavor and has a delicious flavor that fills your mouth.
    Enjoy it with Aizu's "garlic miso"!
  • Local sake from Aizu

    Aizu local sake that you can enjoy
  • Breakfast<Aizu Japanese set meal>