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About recruitment

  • Hiring new graduates
    We are actively hiring new graduates at this facility.
    We will actively incorporate new ideas from young people and utilize them in our services.
    Often my ideas are quickly adopted and rewarding.
    Please apply.
  • Career recruitment
    Why don't you take advantage of the career you have cultivated so far and make a further leap at Ashinomaki prince hotel?
    We are also actively hiring carriers at this facility.
    Even those who have a career up to the previous job other than the accommodation industry are OK.
    Let's create a new future for the accommodation industry together.
  • 【Employment type】
    ·Front desk staff
    ·Night shift staff
    ·Customer service staff(Nakai)
    ·Cooking staff
    ※We are recruiting both regular and non-regular.
    Please feel free to contact us first.