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Aizu full-scale tent sauna that you can enjoy in the nature of Aizu

on top of the hill

Ashinomaki Prince Hotel is located at the entrance of Ashinomaki Hot Springs.
Behind it is a hill overlooking the magnificent mountains of Ashinomaki Hot Springs
The property offers a tent sauna on this hill.
A relaxing chair with a tarp is also installed!
Please "Totoe" to your heart's content!

Of course you can use only the sauna!

  • Enjoy a full-scale tent sauna that exceeds 90 degrees.

    The facility has a "tent sauna" on the hill!
    Can't you feel your mind and body?
    Moreover, the usage time of 2 hours is reserved.
    You can enjoy the scent with aroma oil!
    Rental items are also substantial.

    Everyone, please come!
    <Click here to make a reservation! >
  • Enjoy in this facility

    There are many spots to enjoy in this facility as well.

    ·Speaking of hot springs, table tennis! Although it has decreased recently, we are properly preparing for this facility.
    ·Painting experience.Aizu traditional craft painting experience that can be enjoyed by the family
    ·shopping.Extensive souvenir corner

    Safe on rainy days!
    You can enjoy it to your heart's content
  • Enjoy with your dog

    This facility also has a pet room!
    You can choose from Western-style room, Japanese + Western-style room, Japanese-style room.

    Of course, we also have plan for dining with your important family in your room!
    Simple amenities are also available.
    There are various benefits, so please use it!
  • A relaxing space for nature