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  • Japanese-style room

    The fragrance of fluffy tatami smells the tiredness of the trip.
    The size is 15 square meters or 18 square meters, and there is a bathtub type and an out bath type.
  • Western-style Room

    Relax relaxingly with soft light.
    There is one room on each floor facing the mountain.
    ~room size:21 square meters (about 24 square meters) Capacity from 2 adults
  • Japanese-Western style room

    The nostalgic setting makes me feel a little nostalgic!
    ~room size:21 square meters (about 24 square meters) Capacity from 2 adults
  • Western-style room for pets

    This facility has a Western-style room, a Japanese-style room, and a Japanese-style room for pets only.
    It is very popular with customers who want to travel with their important family.
    We also provide amenities that allow pets to stay with peace of mind.
    ※Please contact us for specific amenities.
    Pets can also be eaten together in a Japanese-style room.

Guest Room Equipment

Number of rooms

34 rooms in total:3 Western-style rooms/28 Japanese-style rooms/3 Japanese + Western style rooms
Western-style breakdown:3 twin rooms(21 m²)

room supplement

The Japanese-style room is 15 square meters or 18 square meters.A toilet with washing function is installed in a room without a bath.

standard room equipment

Some guest rooms bathroom/Air conditioning in all rooms/tv set/empty refrigerator


Hand towel/Toothbrush / Toothpaste/bath towel/yukata/Shaving(For men)/ /Comb

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

room service/Massage(For a charge)/Shogi(For a charge)/Game of go(For a charge)/mahjong(For a charge)/Pets OK(For a charge)/Please bring your own as there is no cage